Polysomnography Program


This 640 clock-hour course is appropriate for the new sleep technologist or existing allied healthcare professional, who seek an introduction to or review of sleep medicine and/or polysomnography. YOUR CAREER AS A SLEEP TECHNICIAN Choosing to pursue a career as a Sleep Technician places you amongst the group of service-focused individuals whom have recognized that medical careers allow you to become an invaluable member of a patient’s medical team. In addition, the career stability in this sector remains unparalleled. WHAT IS SLEEP TECHNOLOGY? Sleep Technology, also called Polysomnography Technology, is a separate and distinct, multidisciplinary, allied health care occupation embracing a unique body of knowledge and methodological skills. Overnight polysomnography is a standard tool in Sleep Medicine for evaluating sleep-related pathophysiology, sleep architecture, and sleep integrity. Specifically, it is a complex evaluation used in a quantitative measure of multiple physiological parameters during sleep, combined with expert observational reporting. WHAT DOES A SLEEP TECHNOLOGIST DO? Sleep Technologist, technicians and trainees are the technical group specifically trained to perform polysomnography and other technical evaluations used for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep/arousal disorders. They are health-care professionals who work as part of a team under the general supervision of a licensed physician to assist in the education, treatment and follow up of sleep disorders patients of all ages. FEE : $1,396.52  Program Length: 6 weeks Includes: Tuition; Application fee; Lab fee


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  • Price: $1,396.52
  • Type: course type
  • Duration: 640 clock-hour
  • Skills: CURRICULUM *Neuro-Anatomy-Neuro-Physiology, *Respiratory Physiology, *Sleep Physiology,*EKG, *Ethics for technicians,*overview of Normal Sleep, *Overview of Polysomnography,*Sleep Stage Scoring, *Arousal Scoring, *Limb Movement Disorders, *Movement and Scoring, *Sleep Disorder Breathing, *CPAP and Bi-level Titration and Compliance,* Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome, *Recording and Scoring of Respiratory Activity, *Narcolepsy,*MSLT/MWT; *Technique,*Insomnia,* * Polysomnogram Scoring Competency Test, *The Role of the Polysomnographic Technician,*Hook up procedures, *Electrode Placement Instrumentation, *Technician Documentation, *Artifact Recognition and Correction, *Cardiac Arrhythmias, *Equipment Cleaning Guidelines,Parasomnia, *Nocturnal Seizures, *Pediatric Sleep Disorders, *Review of*Polysomnograms, *-CPAP/BIPAP Titration,* Technologist Registry Exam Review.
  • Language: English
  • Assessment: asses